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Google Search Ranking

Explore our high conversion result

3 month results
6x Organic website traffic sales increased
180% Growth in website organic traffic

6 month results
1x Organic website traffic sales increased
1x Growth in website organic traffic

6 month results
1x Organic website traffic sales increased
50% Growth in website organic traffic

Keyword Ranking Result

Explore our high conversion result

Search Volume: 50 Position: 10 Keyword: 9999Gold

Search Volume: 170 Position: 5
Keyword: Cincin Cina

Search Volume: 50 Position: 12 Keyword: PEO vs EOR CPC: USD 24.28

Search Volume: 110 Position: 10 Keyword: Childcare Johor Bahru CPC: MYR 2.82

Search Volume: 70 Position: 7 Keyword: PAMP Lunar Calendar Set CPC: MYR 0.19

Search Volume: 170 Position: 3 Keyword: Employment Insurence System Set CPC: MYR 6.14

My Story

RenHao is a Google SEO Entrepreneur. I started getting into Google SEO in May 2021, and before that, I was a freelance full-stack web developer for about a year and a half. 

I research and learn content and sales funnel marketing and Google SEO techniques and then implement them, which I will use to help your website gain more exposure in terms of rankings and conversions through strategic planning.

I have helped over 100 companies conduct SEO website audits and received great feedback. I have also generated over $520,000 in sales value for company using Google SEO.

I constantly improve my expertise and follow updated information from Google in order to provide each client with the best SEO techniques and methods by using white hat methods.

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