Grow with Ren Hao SEO Partnership Program

Join forces with Ren Hao SEO and unlock a mutually beneficial partnership opportunity. Explore how our program empowers you to expand your business, increase revenue streams, and achieve growth through collaborative SEO initiatives.

Why Considering Our Partnership ?

Lead or Client Referral

Step 1

You refer leads for us to close - or previously closed clients.

Step 2
Commission Sharing

You collect 10% of every payment that client makes. (We take clients on for $3k/month minimum).

Step 3
We Handle Project

We take on full management of the client and deliver all the work directly.

White Label Services

Step 1
We Offer You a Quote

We provide the work directly to you in an editable format.

Step 2
You Adjust Price Yourself

You tweak and add your branding as you please.  We invoice you, you invoice the client, dictating your own margin

Step 3
You Manage Client Yourself

You deliver the now branded work to the client.

Build a Sustainable Traffic &
Strategy Conversion Funnel

Frequently Ask Questions

Can you guarantee top search engine rankings?

No, Google itself says: No one can guarantee ranking #1 on Google.
SEO agencies cannot guarantee top rankings due to the unpredictable nature of search engine algorithms, but we can share with you expected results based on our past data and your current website situation.

SEO results typically take 3 to 6 months to start showing significant improvements in search rankings and traffic.

Yes, we have experience optimizing e-commerce websites to increase product awareness and increase sales. Minimum proven record within three months of at least RM60K for new website.

The masterclass covers SEO basics, advanced strategies, link building techniques, keyword research, topic authority, monetization, AI content generation, analysis, SEO community, link exchange opportunity, online discussion and so on. Join now to improve your skills!

The Ultimate SEO Masterclass is live online for 3 days and has more than 30 recorded videos for users to learn more about relevant knowledge to improve their SEO faster

Results can typically be seen within 3 weeks to 3 months, depending on various factors such as current SEO status and target website situation.

Yes, backlink building remains a crucial part of SEO and is essential for achieving high search engine rankings

Are You Ready To Boost Your Google Ranking?

Unlock the Secrets to Skyrocketing Your Search Engine Success!

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